Secure: RASP Solution

Runtime application self-protection (RASP) is a security technology built into an application to detect and prevent real-time application attacks. Currently, RASP technology exists for Java virtual machine and ASP.NET Common Language Runtime.

MSP1 RASP by Waratek

An next generation of application security which detects and prevents real-time attacks, such as SQL Injection or Remote Code Execution, with no false positives, doesn't slow your application's performance, and increases the visibility into your apps operations - benefits not possible with traditional approaches to today's threats.


Full protection, including 3rd party. Protects legacy and current Java. No false positives. Unique Runtime location defence against OWASP Top 10.


Installs in minutes. Uses existing runtime environment. No code changes and no prior application knowledge required with no compatibility issues.


Does not slow app performance. Applies virtual security patches while the application runs, no downtime. Upgrades older versions with no code changes.

Brochure: MSP1 Runtime Application Self Protection