Protect: MSP1 WebApp Protect

Easy-to-manage Web Application Protection with highly scalable DDoS protection. Helps protect your web applications from a wide range of threats with less effort and overhead - whether in your data centres or on the cloud.

MSP1 protects your websites and web applications with an enterprise-class web application firewall (WAF), enhanced by advanced bot protection, spam and malware detection, error monitoring, content protection and source code encryption.

MSP1 WAP is your main line of defence against all web application attacks, including all OWASP Top 10 threats like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLI), cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and remote file inclusion (RFI).


Security protection in a few clicks to get your applications protected faster.


Updates security protection automatically with less effort, thereby saving time.


Protects your applications from DDoS and web application attacks.


• Cloud Platform extends security to the cloud and stops attacks proactively.
• Defends against DDoS attacks minimizing potential downtime.
• Web Application Firewall protects you from SQL injection, XSS, RFI etc.
• Automated and tailored rules for low false positives.
• Continuous, automatic and transparent updates.
• SSL certificate to deliver secure content and prevent data theft.
• 100% Availability and Uptime along with resilient and self-healing platform.
• Configure security protections with just a few clicks and monitor attacks in real- time through a powerful dashboard.
• Blocks all attacks ensuring protection.
• Logs every attack for further analysis and ‘proactive’ action as necessary.
• Automatically bans anyone attempting attack.
• Sends email notifications when someone attempts attack.
• Protections from Spam, Malware, Tor, Proxy, Bots.
• Error monitoring and Log Management.
• Protects contents by not allowing cut/copy/paste/drag/drop.
• Encrypts and protects source code.

Brochure: MSP1-Web-Application-Protection