Configuration Analysis

Hidden deep inside switches, firewalls, and servers is a ticking timebomb: a simple misconfiguration vulnerability. Maybe a hacker will never find it or maybe they already have.

Keeping systems properly configured is challenging in a dynamic IT environment. Moving workloads to the cloud only makes this issue more complex.

MSP1 cofiguration analysis service provides complete identity and access management assessment, compliance and identity management readiness, roal assessment, health check and integration.

Complete Suite of Configuration Analysis

We are uniquely qualified to analyze the security of infrastructure and system components. Our history as a managed security provider give us hands-on expertise with routers, NGFW, SIEM, wireless networks, and more. Not only can we recommend security improvements, but help improve performance and stability.

Cloud Architecture Assessment

An expert assessment of your current or proposed AWS or Azure cloud architecture, including the use of cloud services like IDM or encryption. We look at not only security issues, but also all cloud best practices.

Firewall Analysis

Next-generation firewalls (or UTMs) are a cornerstone of any information security controls. However, the rules and policies of these devices can become complex. A single error could expose your business to attack. MSP1 Firewall Policy Review services give you a deep, exhaustive review of your NGFW configuration.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Whether you need help getting started or want us to evaluate your current program, we can get you on the right path to a strategic IAM program. Through workshops and assessments, we give you a plan to create alignment of your IAM initiatives with the needs of the business and an approach that reduces implementation risk.

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