Dedicated Helpdesk

White label help desk for MSP to raise efficiency and reduce costs of operations

Benefits of Dedicated Helpdesk

White label help desk services to relieve MSPs from the burden of keeping and scaling up an in-house help desk team. You reserve the customer relationship ownership, while MSP1 covers your customers’ help desk needs under your brand, upholding its reputation.

Certified IT Professionals

Deliver immediate support to your customers 24/7/365 with our team of talented IT help desk support experts.

Ability to scale

We are known for our flexibility and adaptability. Teams and services can easily be scaled up or down based on the organization’s needs or in response to specific events.

Lower cost

MSP1 Dedicated Helpdesk is more cost-effective than operating an in-house help desk because of resource costs arbitrage and automation.

Enhanced maturity

Shortcut to maturity. MSPs that partner with us benefit from the latest, most advanced solutions and intelligent threats, lowering overall risk.

Immediate help desk support without the costly overhead

MSP1 Dedicated Help and Support Desk solutions feature complimentary access to our ITSM. For customers who prefer to utilize a third-party ticketing system, our ITSM platform provides full ticket system API integration.

Power your Business with MSP1 Help Desk Services

With our IT help desk services, you’ll benefit from a range of features that are designed to streamline your IT operations and provide your end-users with the support they need to stay productive.

L1 support

Manage and perform L1 help desk services or cooperate with customer as an extension of your in-house L1 support team

L2 support

Provide a part of L2 technical support, possibly in collaboration with your in-house technical support team

Reporting & Analytics

Aligns services with changing business needs and improve effectiveness, compliance, quality and performance

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